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Tribute to Master Max Myers

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This page is dedicated to one of KTA’s most special leaders, Master Max Myers, who passed away on Sunday, March 30, 2014.
Below are submissions by other Masters, Instructors, Students, and Friends of KTA; which are a tribute to his leadership and contributions to KTA.
“He is wise who can instruct us and assist us in the business of daily virtuous living” – Alexander Pope
Funeral Eulogy 4-5-14



Dear KTA Family,

It is with great sadness that I announce that Master Max Myers passed away unexpectedly today.

I do not have details of his passing at this time.

For those who knew Master Myers, we share a huge loss.  He was a pillar of strength and positive energy for his family and those around him and one of KTA’s greatest leaders for over two decades.

There is great uncertainty on many fronts, but we must rely on our faith in God to help us endure this sudden and unfortunate loss.

As more information becomes available, I will share it with you.  

If there is one thing I know, it is that Master Myers would want everyone to continually carry his spirit of endless positive energy and love forward even in his passing.   He also would want others to carry on the strong leadership he commanded.  I cannot put into words what he meant to me and to countless others.

With great sadness,

Master Garth Cooley


Master Myers was a large influence on me as a child and an adult.  When I returned to KTA after a fourteen-year break, Master Myers was the first person to remember me.  He was also the first person to welcome me back. 
Master Myers always set a good example for all of us at KTA. I will miss him greatly, but I will never forget all I learned from him.  Master Myers:  Charyut sa bum nim kae kyung yet.

Adam Christian Vargo
Master Myers had a remarkable way of lifting up everyone he knew.   He embodied everything that great leaders share – the ability to inspire, encourage, and embolden those around him.    And often did it, with just four words:  “You can do it.”  There was no obstacle that you couldn’t overcome when Max looked you in the eyes, and delivered those words.   
I’ve had the great privilege of knowing this amazing man for more than 20 years.  He led the first class I took at KTA.  I cannot put into words what a blessing that Max was to us.  But, God’s Word says how we can touch lives the way Max did in ours…
Encourage one another daily.
                    Hebrews 3:13
Julie Cooley

Master Myers was a constant friend and mentor to all KTA students no matter which location you called home. He went above and beyond, especially before and during belt tests, to make sure everyone was comfortable. He would often offer guidance to students warming up and was a calming influence with his quiet strength. He will be sorely missed by the entire KTA family.
The Desserich Family
4/3/14Master Myers was a leader who will never be forgotten. He would always come up to us after our tests and congratulate me and the other students. He always had a positive attitude whenever he was around. I did not know Master Myers that well, but he was a wonderful leader and will be missed by all KTA families.

Katie Wiseman



When we moved to Indy 6 years ago, I tried a number of local tae kwon do schools in the area for my son, Noah.  None of them had the combination of strong technique, discipline and true caring about the student that we were seeking in a school.  One day, in a local restaurant, a student of Master Myers’ happened to walk by me wearing a martial arts a t-shirt.  I stopped him, introduced myself and asked if he studied.  He told me all about KTA and invited Noah to visit.  At that first visit, I was very impressed that Master Myers was a true “teacher”.  I immediately enrolled Noah in his classes and was relieved that I had finally found the right training.  Over the years, I watched Master Myers be so much more than a “teacher” to his students.  He took a vested interest in each and every student by always giving them the encouragement and support they needed to grow not only as martial arts students, but as young men and women.  Words cannot possibly express the loss that is felt with his passing.  He would be very proud to see how Jared and his senior students have stepped up this past week to continue his legacy and ensure that his students continue to receive the training, discipline, encouragement and support he set as his school standards. Master Myers will be missed terribly but the personal standards he encouraged his students to strive towards daily will live on in them.


The Kaiser-Smelser Family