Indianapolis Martial Arts Classes


What Do Our Students Say?

“Looking back through my years at KTA, I cannot think of even one class in which I did not learn something.”
– Cindy, age 28

“When I first started at KTA, I basically had no self-confidence. However, I gained confidence because of Taekwondo training. This is a major key in what KTA teaches.”
– Chris, age 15

“The people who work and train at KTA are among the best. It is a great and uplifting environment. I am very grateful for all the training and opportunities I have received here. This is a great school.”
– Stacey, age 38

“Taekwondo has taught me to control my actions and temper.”
– Brannon, age 10

“Taekwondo has helped me in many areas of my life. Of course, I have learned self-defense. But, Taekwondo has helped me to improve my academics, other sports, and most of all, my attitude toward myself and others.”
– Adam, age 14

“From my very first class at KTA, I realized this was like nothing I had ever done before. For one hour I was in another world. Problems of the day just melted away. To this day, I still get a charge from each class.”
– Russ, age 40

“Being in law enforcement, I see the effects of people living in fear of others or the threat of physical harm. I feel that a great deal of problems in society would be greatly reduced if more people trained in Taekwondo.”
– Steve, age 45

What Our Black Belts Say!

“I realize Taekwondo has given me more than I could have hoped for. I know I will never be able to completely rid myself of nervous energy but, because of Taekwondo and the superior training I received, I know I will be able to better control nervousness rather than it control me.  I believe the most important lesson I have learned throughout this experience has been to never give up.  When faced with a challenge whether it is in class sparring or just facing life’s challenges you can never give up.  Life offers many lessons for us to learn but we cannot learn if we do not step out on the mat and keep trying.” – Kenny, 1st Dan Black Belt

“….there is so much more to Taekwondo.   Yes, there is obviously Taekwondo the martial art, but more importantly, there is Taekwondo the people.  Along the way, I have had the pleasure and privilege to meet and greet people and families both new and old to KTA.  Grandmaster Yoon and Master Cooley continue to set the stage while the people and families help make this school’s reputation what it is today.  The laughter shared is infectious, and the friendships formed are long lasting.” – Bill, 3rd Dan Black Belt

“I took my recommend belt test, made a few mistakes and was full of fear, but passed.   Suddenly I realized that all the struggles had actually changed my personality and helped my professional and personal life.  It seemed that overnight my business exploded.  My running away from fear happened less often. I now realize it didn’t happen overnight but it was a slow evolution that has occurred over the last couple of years.  It was the endless hours of practice, sweat and tears that made it possible.” Hope, 2nd Dan Black Belt

“When I compare my character from first degree to my third degree black belt, I have grown greatly in concentration, patience, and self-confidence as a student and an instructor.  My level of patience has increased significantly and I am better able to instruct others in not only teaching skill but in gaining patience for themselves as well.” Derrick, 4th Dan Black Belt

“We always talk about how KTA is such a great group of people who resemble a family given the time we spend together in the Do Jang, on the road, and at competitions.  I agree with this whole-heartedly.  Additionally, with my new found insight I understand the magnitude and importance of what you do and want to sincerely thank you, Master Cooley, for the gift of your leadership!” – Tom, – 3rd Dan Black Belt