Indianapolis Martial Arts Classes

November 19, 2011 Tournaments

Congratulations to all KTA Tournament Competitors!

Competition Results from Saturday, November 19th


Illinois Midwest Open – Decatur, IL

Garrett Baker – Silver Sparring

Fillip Beyl – Gold Sparring, Gold Form

Sierra Gossett – Gold Form

Aaron Moore – Silver Sparring

Master Cooley – Black Belt Forms Grand Champion


Northeast Technical Championships – Coventry, CT

Kristi George – 1st Place Individual

Mark MacLaren – 6th Place Individual

Matt MacLaren – 3rd Place Individual

Mark & Matt MacLaren – 5th Place in Pairs

2010 Fall Intra-School Tournament Results

Intra School Tournament
Fall 2010

More results from the Intra School Tournament will be posted soon! Starting with the breaking results, all results photos are linked to the photos we have uploaded on the KTA Facebook Page.


Ahn Classic – April 30


Ahn Classic

Cincinnati, OH – April, 2011








Team Results

Garrett Baker – 3rd Sparring Juniors, 3rd Sparring Seniors
FiIlip Beyl – 3rd Sparring
Alliana Bush – 3rd Forms, 1st Breaking, 1st Sparring
Sierra Gossett – 1st Breaking, 1st Sparring
Stephen Henderson – 3rd Forms, 2nd Sparring
Alec Larson – 2nd Sparring
Mark MacLaren – 3rd Breaking, 3rd Sparring
Matt MacLaren – 3rd Sparring
Jeremy Raymer – 1st Sparring
Guillermo Torres – Great Job!

Team Coaches

Mr. Jeremy Raymer
Mr. Bill Thomas

Referee Representative

Mr. Tom Gaber

Northeast Technical Championships – November 20, 2010


Northeast Technical Championships

Coventry, CT – November 20, 2010









Adam George 2nd – Individual
Kristi George 3rd – Individual, 1st – Pair
Marie George 3rd – Individual
Mark MacLaren 2nd – Individual, 2nd – Pair
Matt MacLaren 3rd – Individual, 2nd – Pair
Brent Mundy 1st – Individual, 3rd – Pair
David Skinner 2nd – Individual, 3rd – Pair
Master Cooley 1st – Individual, 1st – Pair


Special Thanks to Mr. Tom Gaber for making the trip to Connecticut and representing KTA at this event as an official!

Indiana Invitational – November 13, 2010


Indiana Invitational Results

November 13, 2010









Team Results

Sydney Aldridge – 1st Forms, 1st Sparring
Fillip Beyl – 3rd Breaking, 3rd Sparring
Allaina Bush – 2nd Forms, 1st Sparring
Adam George – 3rd Sparring
Stephen Henderson – 2nd Breaking, 1st Sparring
Karl Hibbert – 2nd Breaking, 2nd Sparring
Alec Larson – 1st Forms, 2nd Sparring
Jeremy Raymer – 2nd Sparring
Brandon Shinabarger – 2nd Forms
Maddox Simons – 1st Breaking

Thanks to Scott Thien for being our KTA Gold Corps Representative!

Champions Tournament – October 23, 2010


Champions Tournament

Dayton, OH – October 23, 2010









Team Results

Garrett Baker- 2nd Sparring
Fillip Beyl – Good Job
Allaina Bush – 1st Form, 2nd Sparring
Mark MacLaren – 1st Form, 3rd Sparring
Matt MacLaren – 3rd Sparring
*Jeremy Raymer – 2nd Sparring
Brandon Shinabarger – 1st Form, 2nd Sparring
David Skinner- 3rd Form

Thanks to our KTA Referee Team – Tom Gaber, Scott Thien and Bill Thomas!

*Mr. Jeremy Raymer was awarded the “Chris Canning Award of Excellence” for his outstanding efforts and for being a great example in Taekwondo and in life.

Chris Canning Award