Indianapolis Martial Arts Classes

U.S. Poomsae Champions Camp – March 2018

KTA hosted the 2018 U.S. Poomsae Champions Camp on Friday, Saturday, & Sunday – March 23, 24, & 25!  This was a highly specialized technical training camp for Black Belts led by Master Cooley and his fellow U.S. Teammates.  Over 50 participants from Georgia, Illinois, Iowa, Michigan, Minnesota, Missouri, Ohio, Virginia, & Indiana attended this year’s camp!  

Special Congrats to our KTA Black Belts who attended!

Moments from our camp are featured in the gallery below. 

Midwest Academy Visits KTA – March 2018

Congratulations to KTA’s Midwest Academy students
led by Mrs. Alicia McClure! 

Here is a snapshot of their visit and class
with Master Cooley at KTA on Tuesday, March 20th!

Photos by: Kara Hanley 



February 2018 Exchange Training

Congratulations to all students of KTA and Ko’s Martial Arts on an outstanding Daedo sparring exchange training session held on Sunday, February 18th at KTA!  Thanks to all Masters, Coaches, and Officials for a great event! 

Riverside Jr. High Visit – February 2018

On Tuesday, February 6th, Master Cooley introduced over 200 students in 7 gym classes of Riverside Junior High some taekwondo basics; while also providing insight into the importance of taekwondo’s discipline and character traits. 

Special thanks to Caitlin Johnson, Ben Sinicropi, & Zach Strueder for your outstanding leadership and demonstrations throughout the day!

December 2017 Exchange Training

Our KTA team hosted a Daedo Sparring Exchange with Ko’s Martial Arts on Sunday, December 9, 2017!  A great opportunity to learn, grow, and improve!  Thanks to all participants!  Good luck in the 2018 competition season!



U.S. Poomsae Champions Cup – October 2017

Congratulations to all KTA students and families for your outstanding performances and great hosting at our 7th Annual U.S. Poomsae Champions Cup held on Saturday, October 28th at IMMI Conference Center in Westfield, IN! Over 100 athletes from a dozen states around the Midwest attended this year’s competition!  See more details about our event and its history HERE !

KTA Team Photo 

Enjoy the gallery below highlighting our KTA team! (Photo Credit: Joe Kahre)