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Which Martial Art is BEST?

Which martial art is BEST for self-defense?

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Karate, Kung Fu, Krav Maga, Judo and hundreds of other martial arts all offer practitioners physical self-defense techniques.  At KTA, we know first-hand that the techniques we are teaching are very effective in a self-defense situation based on countless situations where our students had no other option but to defend themselves or their families.

We operate under the philosophy that we must be vigilant and focused in our daily lives.  Although the focus and confidence our students exude through weekly training generally wards off bullies and other predators, the self-defense skills we teach and HOW WE TEACH our students to use these techniques as a last resort are what sets us apart from other schools of martial arts.


At KTA, we have fun, yet we take a uniquely structured and focused approach to our classes which develop our students’ self-defense mentally and not just physically.  Our students benefit from the development of their confidence through consistent and professionally instructed training, which is a very important and key component to self-defense!