Indianapolis Martial Arts Classes

Improve In Any Sport!

Sports Performance Program – for ANY SPORT

Improve Your Performance in ANY SPORT and achieve your BLACK BELT!

You might not have considered the idea, but at KTA our proven training program actually enables athletes to become much better athletes – both from a physical and mental perspective!

The concern for some that are considering training with us is the time commitment. NO PROBLEM! At KTA, we customize our programs to fit your needs. We understand that some sports are seasonal, while other sports go year round. Regardless, we can customize your program which will enable you to train toward your Black Belt and progress through the ranks at your own pace! At the same time, you will be obtaining mental and physical skills that will catapult you to the next level in your given sport!

If your sport is seasonal, we understand you may not be able to attend classes weekly (or even monthly). While in some cases, you may be able to train one class a week or every other week. On breaks, your days off during the season, or in the off season, our training at KTA is an outstanding form of cross-training that gives athletes both a physical and a mental edge when engaging or re-engaging in their chosen sport(s).

Regardless of our students schedule, they have options to attend classes on a daily basis and even accelerate in rank when they develop the required skills and demonstrate the proper attitude which KTA instills in each student.

We are committed to working with you to achieve your goals! So why not move forward and take advantage of our world class training which will propel you to excellence in your sport!?

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