Indianapolis Martial Arts Classes


KTA offers special children classes daily that are tailored for their shorter attention span.  At KTA, our highly trained Black Belt team of instructors specializes in teaching children more than Taekwondo and self-defense skills; we also focus on improving their confidence, attention span, and respect for others. These invaluable qualities teach children to become leaders, not followers…which, in turn, helps to give them the power to confidently say “no” to negative peer pressure, and say “yes” to the positive values that build character and self-esteem.



KTA also places a high value on your child’s performance in school.   Through training at KTA, we have seen a direct correlation as students train over a sustained period to the improvement of their academics.  We feel that our young students’ number one priority is their education, and we believe that the structure and focus of our classes makes a profound positive impact on their grades.  Regardless of what level which your child is performing,  you will see improvement as they maintain consistent training at KTA.  To stress the importance of good grades and a positive attitude, Master Cooley recognizes and encourages many students through annual Academic Excellence Awards for those outstanding academic performers.


Academic Excellence

Each year, KTA recognizes students who have earned Straight A’s!  Congratulations to our 2017-2018 Academic Excellence Award recipients!