Indianapolis Martial Arts Classes

Champions Tournament Dayton, OH October 24, 2009

Champions Tournament Dayton, OH

October 24, 2009

Team Results

Sydney Aldridge – Poomsae/Gold – Gyoroogi/Bronze
Fillip Beyl – Poomsae/Bronze – Gyoroogi/Bronze
Jackson Dunlavy – Poomsae/Gold – Gyoroogi/Gold
Kaitlin Dunlavy – Poomsae/Gold – Gyoroogi/Gold
Marie George – Poomsae/Silver – Gyoroogi/Gold
Colette Goad – Gyoroogi/Bronze
Amy MacLaren – Poomsae/Silver
Mark MacLaren – Poomsae/Silver – Gyoroogi/Bronze
Matt MacLaren – Gyoroogi/Silver
Josh McDonald – Poomsae/Silver
Jeremy Raymer
Olivia Totten – Poomsae/Silver

Great effort by all others!
Adam George
Beth Weise
Joseph Weise
Jaelin Whittaker

Thanks to our Coaches!
Jeremy Raymer
Kristi George
David Skinner

Thanks to our Gold Corps!
Leisha Osburn
Scott Thien
Kevin Weise
Lora Lehman